The Velvet Chamber
An Anthology of Revisioned Myth and Fairy Tale

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Sunday, February 7, 2010

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Katy Kelleher at has this to say about the mission and the message for Tales from the Velvet ChamberAn Anthology of Revisioned Fairy-tales and Myth.
Carter and Slugocki both play with these tropes, exposing the rigid structure by making it into something more fluid and forgiving. It is no longer simply about amping up the violence and darkness that has been covered over by too many years of coddling children with happy endings, but also about taking back the reins and allowing the repressed to run free (and yes, this frequently means you get to read a lot more about female sexuality). When done right (Kelly Link is one author who puts elements of the fantastic to particularly good use, as is Karen Russell) the results carry the strength of the original story while allowing you to read it in an entirely new way. These stories have the potential to be uncanny in the best way possible - familiar, yet deliciously other. Let's hope that Slugocki's submissions live up to her admirable mission statement.    Read the whole article at
I  honestly couldn't have asked for a more astute and eloquent post on this book project.  Many thanks to Katy Kelleher at  I am sure to get submissions from fantastic writers.  Happy.  Thrilled.  Thank you.


  1. This article is where I learned about this blog. Are you interested in another (very different) Snow White story?

  2. Absolutely, look foward to reading it. LAS

  3. I also learned about this project from that article - great write-up! I'm considering whether or not to submit work and wanted to ask about the "sexy" qualifier. Is this meant to be a more erotic collection, or are stories without explicit scenes also welcome?

    Thank you, and best of luck with the anthology. I'm looking forward to it!