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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Mary Magdalene revisioned

In The Erotica Project (co-author Erin Cressida Wilson/Cleis Press 2000), the Mary Magdalene I envisioned was a woman of enormous strength, eroticism, and intelligence.  When she had sex with the Savior it was as his wife and his consort.  As his equal.   In direct contradiction to the Old Testament.  It was subsequently published on  The Catholic League publicly and vehemently denounced me and my degenerate, blasphemous monologue. 

Years earlier, in 1979, Elaine Pagels, Professor of Religion at Princeton University, also rescues Mary Madgalene from a two thousand career as a whore, in The Gnostic Gospels.  She found another story about her in the Nag Hammadi; ancient sacred texts from one of the earliest Christian sects, discovered in Egypt in 1945.  One of these texts, The Dialogue of the Savior, describes her as a trusted confidante of Jesus Christ, and she "who knew the all."  Hardly the town slut stoned to death by an angry mob.

Tales from the Velvet Chamber is looking for women writers who want to continue this work by rewriting the women of the Bible, the women in myth and in fairy-tales; the dark archetypes.  The whores, the wicked stepmothers, the evil witches.  Women like Medea, Medusa, and Pandora.

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