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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Persephone mourning Demeter

What if the roles were reversed and Persephone descends into Hades, searching for her mother, Demeter?  What if she finds her,  contentedly sipping red wine and eating pomegranate seeds.  Nonplussed.  She approaches her and says, "Mom, come home."  And Demeter replies, "I'm not coming home.  Ever." What happens to her then?

Image: Evelyn Pickering De Morgan. English Pre-Raphaelite painter. 1850 -1919


  1. Oh, just hours and hour of more therapy...;-]

    On the topic of role reversal - hardly is it ever considered that it could have been a woman who had to undergo the '12 labors' or that Medea might be the one who was after the fleece. Always the 'male' archetype. Really irks me.

  2. right? women don't create language, build cities, win wars or bring home the golden fleece. its total nonsense.

  3. I'd like to think that Persephone would return from Hades and embrace her mother's choice to do something for herself for a change. There I go again...projecting.