The Velvet Chamber
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Monday, August 16, 2010


Morrigan, the dark mother or the great queen of Celtic mythology.  Appearing on the field of battle as a black crow. A shape-shifter, now a beautiful woman.  Now, dark and sinister. No one would call her a virgin.  No one would dress her in a gown and take her to a ball.  She wouldn't wait by the fireplace for the prince.  No.  She would rather cut your head off in a moment of ecstasy.  She plucks soldiers from the field of battle and tells them, now is your time to die.  Or she is a gentle escort as you exit this world. 

Image: Picasso


  1. For my own blog I talk about Feminist Witchcraft/Pagan feminism. I have been meaning to write about different Goddesses but I am not really very good with Mythology. Perhaps your blog can help.

  2. I would love to. Great blog by the way.