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Monday, June 21, 2010

How to live happily ever after (or at least how to write the story)

Your hero, your girl escapes the enclosure of marriage, the enclosure of the patriarchy. She has successfully negotiated the liminal spaces between false universals in fairy tales. She has teased out her own story where she walks right up to the mouth of death, and is willing to die, but also willing to be reborn, to the be author of her own story, to embrace the complexity of her sexuality by admitting both the sacred and the profane into her psyche.

She is powerful but she is not a witch. She is amplified, but she is not a whore. She is transformed but she doesn’t go crazy. She is also flawed.  She has eaten from the tree of knowledge. In Jungian terms, she has completed the process of individuation. She now embraces a new archetype of femininity. She is the primary agent of her authenticity, in other words:

She lives happily ever after.

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