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Monday, March 8, 2010

Honored Guest: Patriarchal Poetry

Gertrude Stein gives us a lesson on how to subvert the patriarchy.  She says, in essence: Language itself is transformative.  Let's get down to brass tacks and tear apart grammar.  Let's reveal the subtext of nouns.  Explore the hierarchy of verbs.  Bitches, its not our language

Here below is an excerpt of Patriarchal Poetry.  Some say this piece is unreadable. Some say it has to be read out loud to hear the music.  I find it strangely familiar and instantly recognizable: 

"How do you do it?
Patriarchal Poetry might be withstood.
Patriarchal Poetry at peace.
Patriarchal Poetry a piece.
Patriarchal Poetry in peace.
Patriarchal Poetry in pieces.
Patriarchal Poetry as peace to return to Patriarchal Poetry
at peace.
Patriarchal Poetry or peace to return to Patriarchal Poetry
or pieces of Patriarchal Poetry.
Very pretty very prettily very prettily very pretty very
prettily" (Yale 133).

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